Complete Unknown – Cambio di identità (2016)

Non importa cosa ho fatto o cosa non ho fatto, perché qualunque cosa sia successa rimane soltanto una storia, un’invenzione, un’impressione: un’illusione buona non è differente da un’illusione cattiva, sono entrambe illusioni. Così ogni fenomeno di questo mondo è un’illusione ottica priva di alcun reale valore.





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“You don’t understand the feeling. I went to Portland. And in Portland I was a whole other person. And… I felt reborn. But then, after a while, it started to feel too familiar. And I realized I could just step out of it. I could just start again. It was like I had this skill. This power. I could be anyone I wanted. And I could do it again and again. I could live a thousand lives. And every time it was like she’d always existed…

She had her own history.
And I keep filling her in.
Until she felt finished.
Ready to move on.
I’d feel free to let go.
There’s this moment…
when you’re a blank slate.
It’s like a high.
And you’re deciding
what next.”

  • So, how many times
    have you done it?


  • So, what are you
    doing here, Jennie?

“I wanted to see you. You were the last person who really knew me before I left. And I needed to see someone… who knew me.”

  • I liked who you were.

No, you liked the idea of who I was. You liked the incredible piano prodigy.

  •  Look, I was jealous. I mean, you know what I do for a living? Basically, I write emails. I’ve spent the last 13 years suggesting guidelines. Which honestly, I get almost nothing out of. Almost, which is in a way, worse than nothing.
  • So what’s next?
    Now that you’ve seen me, you just become someone else?

Keeping track isn’t the hard part. It’s when everyone around you thinks they know who you are, and they try to lay claim to you andThen you’re trapped.



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